E - Commerce Delivery Insurance Coverage!

Get your goods whilst in or on or being loaded or unloaded from any road vehicle or whilst housed in the ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyance against loss or damage.


What’s Great About E - Commerce Delivery Insurance coverage by Senang?

Per job coverage

pick-and-choose which delivery requires coverage. Not all parcels are created equal!

Bite-sized policies

We believe insurance should not be expensive

3-step claim process

As easy as attaching the pictures of incident, fill up our form and click SUBMIT

Package Offerings

Loss of or damage to the goods by theft or accidental means- Up to RM10,000.00 per item

In or on or being loaded on or unloaded from any road vehicle.- Up to RM10,000.00 per item

Premium 1% of item value and as low as RM1.00 per item

How does our 3-step claim process works?

Step 1 - Login to Senang Claim

Step 2- Fill in documentation

Step 3 - Click submit and claims approval will be processed from 5 working days onwards

How to claim
How to get started?

Fill in your company details with our 3 step process

Pay the deposit to get access to our portal

You will receive an automatic email within minutes of your Master Insurance Policy and next step to get started.

From then, you can issue each and every job real time.

How do I insure each and every job?
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Get access to senang merchant portal to issue insurance transaction

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Manage from your mobile or web application with our full API Integration

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